Each session is 55 minutes long and is designed to give you a full-body workout. We recommend wearing workout clothing that allows you to move freely, without fitting too loosely. For your own safety and hygiene, we also require wearing socks with grip on the soles.


Group Classes

We limit the size of our group classes to five students, so that you can receive the quality instruction and attention that you deserve. Our instructors will challenge you to use proper form and technique in all of your movements, ensuring that you get a safe and effective workout.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions

In addition to group classes, we offer private (one student, one instructor) and semi-private (two students, one instructor) sessions to help you perfect your practice and achieve your personal fitness goals. As we get to know you, and your body, we will incorporate the modifications or variations necessary to keep you moving and progressing.

New to Pilates?

We recommend starting with a private session, so that you can become familiar with the Pilates exercises and equipment. You’ll have the complete attention of an experienced instructor as you learn the basics of proper body mechanics and movement. Our instructors will guide you through the principles and philosophy of the Pilates method, moving at your own pace, so that you can enter a group class with confidence.